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Boston Scientific is currently working through the implications of the COVID-19 crisis. While these are challenging times, we are pleased to announce we are now reviewing all requests types at least 60 days prior to the planned event date. We thank you for your patience and partnership in education during these times and wish you the best in health and safety.

The Boston Scientific Endoscopy Grant and Donation submission guidelines have recently changed.  

Requests are expected to be submitted in time to be reviewed in the Committee Meeting that is at least 2 months prior to the event date, or the date a decision is needed. This will allow for necessary time to review, process, and provide payment for grant requests. Those submissions received prior to the deadline date will take precedence over those submitted on or after the deadline date. 

Please note: Endoscopy Fellowship applications are due by March 15th  and reviewed annually in April.

Endoscopy Grant Committee


Meeting Dates and Submission Deadlines

Committee Meeting Dates*

Submission Deadline Dates*

January 11

December 28

February 8

January 25

March 8

February 22

April 7

March 24

May 10

April 19

June 24

June 10

July 12

June 28

August 17

August 3

September 19

September 5

October 24

October 10

November 18

November 4

December 19

December 5

*Meeting dates and deadlines are subject to change without notice.
Please note: Submissions may be scheduled for review later based on the date of the event.

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