Green Teams

Groups of employee volunteers are forming local Green Teams in order to work together to reduce the impact on the environment at their locations and within their local communities.

Working in Communities Around the World

Boston Scientific | Green Team Communities Around the World Boston Scientific | Green Team Communities Around the World

BSC India Green Team —
Making a Difference

India Green Team | Sustainability India Green Team | Sustainability

The Boston Scientific India Green Team conducted events at six locations across the country, engaging with their local communities to help improve the environment.  Their projects included BSC employees, family members, students, and children from many organizations planting 2,100 saplings to re-green areas which had been cleared, helping restore habitat for wildlife and natural areas which could be visited by the public.  In partnering with their communities, the Green team was able to include children from orphanages, schools, and those with special needs, combining community outreach and support with environmental restoration.  Kudos to the team for caring about their communities and the environment.

BSC Valencia, —
CA Green Team joins Venice Beach cleanup

Valencia Green Team | Sustainability Valencia Green Team | Sustainability

On October 17, Valencia Green Team volunteers and family members joined Heal the Bay along with 750 community volunteers to clean up Venice Beach, a famous Southern California destination.  The event resulted in the collection of about 200 lbs. of small plastic litter, which can harm the local ecosystem.  Marine life mistakes the small trash for food which has devastating consequences on the health of birds and fish. This cleanup also helped prepare for the expected El Niño rain storms, which tend to carry plastic litter into areas inhabited by marine life. The beach cleanup was a great event for all members and volunteers to learn about the local ecosystem, help prevent pollution, and make a positive impact on the environment.

BSC Quincy, MA Green Team —
Off and running

Quincy Green Team | Sustainability Quincy Green Team | Sustainability

During the 2015 summer, 30 employees volunteered to form the Boston Scientific Quincy Green Team. The team hosted its first Neponset River/Outdoor Facility cleanup, an event the Green Team plans to make an annual event going forward. Along with help from the Neponset River Watershed Association, volunteers cleaned up trash in areas abutting the nearby Neponset River. The river is a tributary to Boston Harbor, which connects to Buzzards’ Bay, a Massachusetts ocean eco-system.  Removal of the trash prevented its entry into the water, where it can harm fish and other wildlife if mistaken for food and eaten.

Photos of Green Teams at Work

Arden Hills, Minnesota Green Team Arden Hills, Minnesota Green Team

Arden Hills, MN


Bay Area, CA


Clonmel, Ireland


Cork, Ireland

Coventry, RI

Coyol, Costa Rica

Dorada, Puerto Rico Green Team Dorada, Puerto Rico Green Team

Dorado, Puerto Rico

Galway, Ireland Green Team Galway, Ireland Green Team

Galway, Ireland            

Heredia, Costa



Kerkrade, Netherlands 

Latin America                       

Maple Grove, MN       




Puerto Rico

Quincy, MA

Spencer, IN             

Thailand Green Team Thailand Green Team


Marlborough and Quincy, MA Marlborough and Quincy, MA

Valencia, CA

Weston, Florida