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Continuously working to reduce our environmental footprint. 

Opportunity in Change —
A Stellar year for BSC Massachusetts Headquarters

Conventional thinking would indicate that the consolidation of the BSC Natick and Marlborough, MA campuses would challenge environmental improvement, but innovative, leading thinking resulted in an exceptional year for the now fully consolidated company headquarters.

When the decision to house all BSC corporate functions on the Marlborough campus was reached, the need for an added building on the site was recognized, and seen as an opportunity to leverage best practices into the new building.  The initial renovation of the campus, completed in 2007, resulted in achievement of LEED certification, the first project in BSC’s portfolio to use the LEED system as its design framework.  Fast forward to 2015, now with 11 BSC LEED certifications, and the new Marlborough Headquarters building receiving LEED Gold certification. As part of the project, a 1.5 mega-watt solar panel array was installed, which is providing approximately 20% of the site’s energy needs.  And in response to employee requests, electric car charging stations were included as part of the solar project, to help support employees reduce their carbon footprint.

With operational data in hand, the site applied for certification of the new HQ building under U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star program.  To qualify for this award, Boston Scientific provided information describing the nature and uses of the new building, its energy systems, and performance.  In late 2015, EPA informed the site they had approved the application, acknowledging that the building is more efficient than over 75% of other comparable buildings, a demonstration of the effectiveness of the design process and the associated LEED award.

The campus also decided to pursue reducing its solid waste environmental footprint.  With programs already in place for most typical wastes, the site’s Green Team developed and launched a campus wide organics composting program, and formed an “I Recycle and Compost” Team to help communicate the changes and educate the campus workforce.  The results were remarkable, achieving a 35% reduction in solid waste generation, sending an additional 135,000 pounds of waste to recycle or compost, and engaging employees in activities to reduce their environmental footprint, both at work and at home.  Over the course of the year the employees embraced the program and have demonstrated a remarkable cultural change.

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BSC Heredia, Costa Rica—
Growing a Sustainability Culture

The BSC Heredia, CR facility has conducted numerous successful internal and external sustainability initiatives, and in 2015 acted on multiple projects in collaboration with their InvolucraRSE (Social Responsibility Program) team. In developing their plans for 2015, the team set objectives of maturing the site environmental culture, reducing environmental impacts both on and off site, and influencing employees’, their families’, and community members’ environmental awareness using collaboration-based projects.

As noted by Luis Javier Serrano, Vice President Operations of the Heredia site, “Site environmental sustainability has been an important element in our operational excellence strategy and a key asset for competitiveness, allowing us to better engage with our employees and our community.”

Projects were completed in numerous areas in 2015, with some of the most successful described below:

People engagement

  • In 2015, a Facilities and EH&S team developed the ECOIDEAS program, encouraging people to develop and act on environmental ideas to reduce natural resource use in the company and in their personal activities.
  • In February 2015, the BSC InvolucraRSE team visited the Aniceto Esquivel School, and spoke with 135 students about the importance of recycling and the environment. Boston Scientific Heredia donated recycling bins and a recycling mascot to encourage recycling activities and foster the sustainability culture at the school.


  • As part of InvolucraRSE, BSC Heredia organized a family day for employees, their spouses and children to participate in a reforestation project, planting over 1,000 native trees in a previously cleared area in Naranjo, Alajuela.  By taking part in this project, the participants were able to better understand the impacts of some of their actions and reduce their environmental footprint by planting trees.

Bandera Azul Award

  • Building on past recognition for their safety performance with the Preventico Award, the site elected to apply for recognition of their work in environmental impact reduction, and in 2015 received the Bandera Azul Ecologica ”Blue Flag” award in the category "Action to face Climate Change."  The program was an initiative of several Costa Rican Government entities to promote sustainability, with the intent of recognizing the companies seen as leaders in this area.

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