PROMUS Element™ Plus

Everolimus-Eluting Platinum Chromium Coronary Stent System

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The PROMUS Element Plus Stent System establishes a new standard of drug-eluting stent performance with the combination of its highly visible PtCr alloy, innovative stent design and enhanced stent delivery system plus the market-leading drug and polymer combination.

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Monorail UPN Codes
  8 mm 12 mm 16 mm 20 mm
2.25 mm H7493911408220 H7493911412220 H7493911416220 H7493911420220
2.50 mm H7493911408250 H7493911412250 H7493911416250 H7493911420250
2.75 mm H7493911408270 H7493911412270 H7493911416270 H7493911420270
3.00 mm H7493911408300 H7493911412300 H7493911416300 H7493911420300
3.50 mm H7493911408350 H7493911412350 H7493911416350 H7493911420350
4.00 mm H7493911408400 H7493911412400 H7493911416400 H7493911420400
  24 mm 28 mm 32 mm 38 mm
2.25 mm H7493911424220 H7493911428220 H7493911432220 N/A
2.50 mm H7493911424250 H7493911428250 H7493911432250 H7493911438250
2.75 mm H7493911424270 H7493911428270 H7493911432270 H7493911438270
3.00 mm H7493911424300 H7493911428300 H7493911432300 H7493911438300
3.50 mm H7493911424350 H7493911428350 H7493911432350 H7493911438350
4.00 mm H7493911424400 H7493911428400 H7493911432400 H7493911438400
Over-the-Wire UPN Codes
  8 mm 12 mm 16 mm 20 mm
2.25 mm H7493911608220 H7493911612220 H7493911616220 H7493911620220
2.50 mm H7493911608250 H7493911612250 H7493911616250 H7493911620250
2.75 mm H7493911608270 H7493911612270 H7493911616270 H7493911620270
3.00 mm H7493911608300 H7493911612300 H7493911616300 H7493911620300
3.50 mm H7493911608350 H7493911612350 H7493911616350 H7493911620350
4.00 mm H7493911608400 H7493911612400 H7493911616400 H7493911620400
  24 mm 28 mm 32 mm 38 mm
2.25 mm H7493911624220 H7493911628220 H7493911632220 N/A
2.50 mm H7493911624250 H7493911628250 H7493911632250 H7493911638250
2.75 mm H7493911624270 H7493911628270 H7493911632270 H7493911638270
3.00 mm H7493911624300 H7493911628300 H7493911632300 H7493911638300
3.50 mm H7493911624350 H7493911628350 H7493911632350 H7493911638350
4.00 mm H7493911624400 H7493911628400 H7493911632400 H7493911638400

Clinical Information

The PLATINUM Workhorse Trial

Study Objective

Evaluate the safety and effectiveness of the Promus PtCr EES Stent System1 for the treatment of patients with up to 2 de novo lesions ≤ 24 mm in length; ≥ 2.50 mm to ≤ 4.25 mm in diameter compared to the Xience CoCr EES

Study Design

Prospective, Randomized, Controlled, Non-inferiority, Multicenter

Numerically Lower Event Rates1

4-Year Results

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