Extended Longevity Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillators

Boston Scientific introduces the new EL (Extended Longevity) ICD – coupling an uncompromised feature set with the industry’s longest projected longevity at 11.7 years.1 The EL ICD is powered by ENDURALIFE™ Battery Technology which is backed by seven independent studies2-8 and over seven years of real-world data9 that consistently demonstrated industry-leading longevity performance.


Product Description

AUTOGEN™ EL (Extended Longevity) ICD

Models D174, D175, D176 and D177

  • Projected to last 11+ years for VR devices and 10+ years for DR devices under true usage conditions.
  • This small (29.5 cc) and thin (9.9 mm) high-energy device is designed to enhance patient comfort.
  • RightRate™ features BSC’s MV Sensor – the only sensor clinically proven to restore chronotropic competence.1
  • The PaceSafe™ RV and RA auto threshold feature is designed to maintain adequate output safety margins.
  • Offers an advanced system solution for patient comorbidities and HF monitoring (AP Scan, HF Perspectiv™ report, LATITUDE™ NXT Remote Patient Management with weight scale and blood pressure sensors, and Respiratory Rate Trend).
  • Offers AcuShock™ Advanced Technology, multiple programmable options to reduce inappropriate and unnecessary shocks, including a choice of rhythm discriminators, RhythmID™ with RhythmMatch™ (customization of Rhythm ID algorithm), antitachycardia pacing (ATP) therapy in all rates zones, and advanced sensing and filtering.
  • AV Search+ and RYTHMIQ™ give clinicians options to appropriately manage RV pacing in patients with varying degrees of conduction block.
  • Wireless ECG saves time and simplifies follow-up.
  • EasyView™ header and color coded lead ports designed to make the implant experience more efficient.
  • SafetyCore™ technology is intended to provide lifesaving shock therapy and basic pacing functionality in the event of an unrecoverable fault.

Product Specifications

Physician’s Technical Manual and Reference Guide