Smooth Introduction
The LOTUS Introducer Set offers an atraumatic design, proven trackability1 and kink resistance2 for an enhanced user experience.


Product Advantages

Atraumatic Design

  • Tapered soft-tip allows for atraumatic delivery
  • Hydrophilic coating facilates smooth sheath entry and removal

Trackability1 and Kink Resistance2

  • Coil reinforced Pebax™ shaft and silicone strain relief provides resistance to kinking while maximizing trackability

Enhanced Control

  • Hydrophilic coating enhances tracking through challenging anatomy
  • Coating on dilator minimizes resistance during dilator insertion

Product Specifications

LOTUS™ Introducer Set Product Specifications

Ordering Information

Order Number (GTIN) Ref/Catalog Number Introducer Sheath Size
05391526210109 H749NTR180

Small (LIS-S) Compatible with ACURATE neo TM

05391526210116 H749NTR200

Large (LIS-L) Compatible with LOTUS EdgeTM