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ACURATE Neo is in a patient with horizontal aortic root
SH-496703-AA SEP2017
ACURATE neo in a patient with low coronary ostia
SH-496704-AA SEP2017
ACURATE neo in a patient with severe calcification of the aortic root
SH-496706-AA SEP2017
ACURATE neo in a patient with an elliptical annulus
SH-496708-AA SEP2017
ACURATE neo in a patient with small annular dimensions PD
SH-496710-AA SEP2017
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10th September 2019
Device and procedural innovations have led to improved efficiency with TAVI
Since the first implant 17 years ago, transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI) has become a routine procedure for inoperable and high-risk patients. Furthermore, new procedural and device iterations have led to the development of a “minimalist” TAVI approach, which in turn has led to more and more patients being selected for early discharge. Early discharge has potential benefits for patients and for hospitals. Read more
Rajesh Kharbanda
Rajesh Kharbanda
27th September 2018
Unique design and features of the ACURATE neo enable safe and efficient procedures
Results from the SAVI-TF Registry, which was recently published in JACC: Cardiovascular Interventions, show that the ACURATE neo (Boston Scientific) transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI) device is associated with favourable clinical and echocardiographic outcomes at one year (8% mortality, 2.3% disabling stroke, and 9.9% pacemaker rate). Cardiovascular News reviews the unique design features of the valve and explores their potential benefits over other valve designs. Read more
Won-Keun Kim
Kim Won-Keun
26th June 2018
ACURATE neo: A “very safe” TAVI system providing “extremely good results in almost all patients”*
The ACURATE neo (Boston Scientific) is a transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI) device made of a self-expanding nitinol frame and porcine pericardial leaflets in a supra-annular position. Data not only indicate that it is a safe and effective device, but also show that it may be especially beneficial in patients with reduced left ventricular function and/or a small aortic annulus. Read more
Christian Hengstenberg
*Christian Hengstenberg


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