Released at LINC 2019. Download the VIRTUS trial and watch the symposium recording.

VICI VENOUS STENT® System Demonstrates Positive Clinical Outcomes in Patients with Deep Venous Blockages

Results from the VIRTUS Study Show Venous Stent Met Its Primary Effectiveness and Safety Endpoints in Reestablishing Blood Flow at
Twelve Months

The VIRTUS trial evaluated the VICI stent in patients with clinically significant obstructions in the iliofemoral venous outflow tract resulting from Post Thrombotic Syndrome (PTS) or compressive diseases such as May-Thurner syndrome. These conditions impact the veins located deep in the pelvis and if left untreated, can impair blood flow back to the heart and cause blood to pool in the legs, resulting in pain, swelling and ulceration. 

“In treating patients with venous obstruction, the primary goal is to restore and maintain vessel patency to ensure the return of blood flow to the heart” said Dr. Mahmood Razavi, Director, Department of Clinical Trials, St. Joseph Heart and Vascular Center, Orange, California and principal investigator of the VIRTUS trial. “In these results, the VICI stent demonstrated excellent performance outcomes in a difficult-to-treat patient population, which translates to improvement of long-term symptoms and enhanced quality of life in these patients."

LINC 2019 Venous Symposium

Virtues of VIRTUS

Explore implications for everyday clinical practice and see the full symposium below.  

LINC 2019 Intro & Learning objectives

Mr Stephen Black

Running time: 1:33 min.

VIRTUS Trial Design and Primary Endpoint Results

Dr Mahmood K. Razavi

Running time: 13:17 min.

Complexities of Chronic Venous Disease

Dr Michael Lichtenberg

Running time: 10:12 min.


Why Stent Design Matters

Dr Lowell Kabnick

Running time: 10:53 min.

Imaging, its central role in planning and guiding intervention

Prof. Luis Izquierdio

Running time: 10:05 min.

Final Panel Discussion

Prof. Luis Izquierdio

Running time: 07:28 min.

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