Everolimus-Eluting Platinum Chromium Coronary Stent System

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Why the SYNERGY Stent is Different
Designed to Heal

The SYNERGY Stent is designed so its attributes synergistically work together to promote optimal healing within the vessel.1

Synchrony™ Bioabsorbable Polymer Coating is applied only to the abluminal side of the stent to stimulate healthy endothelialization.1 The polymer is gone when it’s no longer needed, shortly after the drug is completely eluted at three months, which minimizes polymer exposure in the vessel.1, 2
High Bleeding Risk Indication


High Bleeding Risk Indication

Lower Inflammation Rates3

In a preclinical model, SYNERGYTM BP Stent demonstrated:

  • Significantly reduced Early Inflammation versus Bare Metal Stents (BMS)
  • Significantly reduced Late Inflammation versus Permanent Polymer (PP) Stents
High Bleeding Risk Indication

Not All Bioabsorbable Polymer Stents are Created Equal

BP Stents differ in terms of polymer application, polymer type, polymer absorption time, drug type, drug elution times and stent design.

High Bleeding Risk Indication

Optimal Healing Shown Through Strut Coverage and Angioscopy

SYNERGY BP Stent has shown full stent strut coverage as early as 30-days in humans and showed 0% stent thrombosis in all of these OCT analyses.6

High Bleeding Risk Indication


Leading on Studying Short DAPT

Supporting well-constructed prospective Short DAPT clinical trials with over 5,000 patients to study the SYNERGY™ BP Stent in different complex patient populations. 

High Bleeding Risk Indication

The SYNERGY BP Stent was intentionally designed with a fast-absorbing polymer
to enable short DAPT.†

High Bleeding Risk Indication

* Investigator Sponsored Study. Boston Scientific is not responsible for the collection,  analysis or reporting of the investigator-sponsored research output which 
is the sole responsibility of the investigators. Boston Scientific’s involvement in investigator-sponsored research is limited to providing financial support for research
that advances medical and scientific knowledge about our products.

† Please review the SYNERGY DFU for full instructions on use.

High Bleeding Risk Indication

SENIOR Trial: Safety Data at 2-Years

The SYNERGY™ BP Stent continued to show superior results versus REBEL™ BMS with short BMS-like DAPT regimen at 2-years.

High Bleeding Risk Indication

SENIOR Trial: Safety and Primary Endpoint Data at 1-Year

The SYNERGY BP Stent showed significantly lower MACCE** rates versus REBEL BMS at 1-year.

Meet the SYNERGY Stent Engineers

The SYNERGY Stent was developed with the goal of providing optimal healing within the vessel to improve patient care, even among complex cases. Hear from the team of engineers who designed the SYNERGY Stent to learn how they accomplished the goal.