Everolimus-Eluting Platinum Chromium Coronary Stent System

SYNERGY Stent Shows Positive Real-World Outcomes and Potential Evidence of Early Healing

The SYNERGY BP Stent demonstrated the numerically lowest stent thrombosis rates compared to other DES, despite being used in patients with more complex disease.1 The SCAAR registry is a national, 20-hospital registry of data relating to stent performance in Sweden.
Lowest stent thrombosis rate compared to newer generation DES (n-DES) despite use in patients with statistically more Class B2/C Lesions, Diabetes, Prior PCI, and 3VD.1
Low Event Rates after Early DAPT Discontinuation in Complex Patients2
In a retrospective, single-center analysis of 100 extremely complex patients from Belfast, Ireland, the use of the SYNERGY stent allowed for early discontinuation of DAPT, without an increase in the incidence of stent thrombosis, MI and cardiac death at 12 Months.

Patient/Lesion/Procedure Characteristics

71 years - patient mean age
75.3 mm - average stent length
90% - C-lesions
77% - Discontinued DAPT at 3 months

12-Month Clinical Outcomes

0% - Stent thrombosis, MI and cardiac death at 12 months
3% - Target Vessel Revascularization
The SYNERGY Stent’s real-world evidence shows positive outcomes in complex groups of patients, and the option to discontinue DAPT if the need arises.

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