Everolimus-Eluting Platinum Chromium Coronary Stent System

Early Healing With Thinner Stent Struts

Stents with thinner strut designs have been proven to heal faster than thicker strut stents.1 The SYNERGY Stent’s ultra thin 74µm struts show more rapid healing compared to thicker stent strut designs in clinical cases and in preclinical research.

Excellent Strut Coverage

SYNERGY Stent has shown full stent strut coverage as early as 30-days2 in humans and showed 0% stent thrombosis in all of these OCT analyses.

Stents with < 70% coverage were a significant predictor (9-fold increase risk) for late stent thrombosis.6

Clinical Data

Consistent Full Coverage of the SYNERGY Stent compared to the Absorb BVS™

Presented by J. M. de la Torre, MD at EuroPCR 2014. Case study is not necessarily representative of all cases. Results in other cases may vary.
This OCT study of LAD stents 2-months post-implant show consistent, full strut coverage of the SYNERGY Stent compared to a bioabsorbable vascular scaffold (BVS).

Preclinical Data

Healing and Endothelialization in SYNERGY Stent, BioMatrix™  Stent, and Absorb™ BVS

In this comparison model* the SYNERGY Stent showed more rapid endotheliazation, after 28 days when compared to thicker-struted stents also incorporating bioabsorbable technology.
* Rabbit Model and Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) after 28 days
Presented by Kazuyuki Yahagi, MD, Michael Joner, MD, and Renu Virmani, MD, TCT 2014.