GreenLight XPS™

Laser Therapy System

GreenLight™ Laser Therapy is setting the new standard with equivalent clinical outcomes to TURP, fewer serious adverse events, shorter recovery and lower overall hospital costs.*

Key Resources

GreenLight XPS™ for BPH has received positive NICE Guidance!

GreenLight XPS™ is a true day-case procedure, is equally effective in treating BPH in non-high-risk patients with prostates up to 100g when compared to both M-TURP & B-TURP, has fewer complications and readmissions, and is COST SAVING to the NHS!

  • When compared to M-TURP & B-TURP, GreenLight XPS™ is cost saving by up to £443/case!**
  • GreenLight XPS™ needs to be done 30% of the time as day-case to be proven to save the NHS money.
  • GreenLight XPS™ is already being used at a rate of 36% in the UK!

GreenLight XPS™ versus TURP

A concise overview of GreenLight vs. TURP at a glance. Download as PDF and share it.