Left Atrial Appendage Closure Device

Physician Interviews

The role of LAA Closure devices for stroke risk reduction in patients with non valvular Atrial Fibrillation (AF)

Dr. Feldman and Prof. Bergmann discuss LAA Closure as a therapeutic option for patients with non valvular AF who are in need of an alternative to oral anticoagulants for stroke prevention. This therapy can provide a solution to physicians facing complex situations with patients at risk of major bleeding, contraindicated to anticoagulants or not compliant to their medical treatment.
“We’re migrating towards the idea that many patients who are oral anticoagulation intolerant are tolerant enough to have an implant, a short period of oral anticoagulation therapy and then finally be free of oral anticogulation.” 
- Dr. Ted Feldman -

Watch Prof. Foley, Prof. Sievert and Prof. Bergmann discuss the EWOLUTION data and implications for clinical practice.

“There are many patients who cannot take a full dose of NOACs. Today, we can apply the data that we have on WATCHMAN™ to all of these patients.
There has been a gap between the randomized trial and the recent development offered to patients who have an absolute or relative contraindication to OAC. The EWOLUTION prospective registry is now closing this gap as we now have the majority of patients within the 1,000 studied that were deemed contraindicated for oral anticoagulants.” 

- Prof. Martin W. Bergmann -

Which patient would benefit from LAAC Therapy? Hear It From The Experts

“Having a therapy where you can put a different argument, in other words, reduce thrombo-embolic risk, but no long-term risks of hemorrhage, is a particularly useful argument and particularly persuasive to patients” 
Prof. John Camm

Interview with Prof John Camm and Dr Tom de Potter 

Interview with Prof John Camm and Dr Tim Betts

Interview with Prof John Camm and Dr Shepal Doshi 

Dr. Shepal Doshi explains how he discusses the WATCHMAN LAAC therapy with patients

Educational Symposia

EuroPCR 2015 Symposia


Co-chairperson:   Maurice BUCHBINDER
Speakers:   Maurice BUCHBINDER,  Martin W. BERGMANN,  Ignacio CRUZ-GONZALEZ,  Horst SIEVERT,  Alec VAHANIAN

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