EndoVive™ Gastrostomy Tube Replacement Gastrostomy Feeding Tube ENFit

Balloon Replacement Gastrostomy Tubes (Straight and Right Angle)

Straight and right angle feeding tubes. Right angle bolster designed to be less obtrusive and may reduce premature pull-out.

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Product Details

EndoVive represents endoscopic accessibility to feed and provide  nutrition to patients who do not have the ability to feed by mouth. The Balloon Replacement Gastrostomy Tubes are designed to offer the deflation characteristics of a balloon for insertion and removal that may be more comfortable for the patient.  

Product Features

Low Profile “Apple” Shaped Balloon

  • Designed for proper retention during use and easy decompression before device removal
  • Balloon inflation varying depending on the size: up to 5 ml for 12 to 16Fr balloons, up to 20 ml for 18 to 24Fr balloons.

Standard Profile Gastrostomy with Optional Right Angle External Bolster

  • Designed to minimise the potential tube kinking when it’s taped down 
  • Designed to minimise premature pull out due to shape of the balloon
  • Separate medication and feeding ports
  • Clear shaft for internal lumen visualisation

Ordering Information

EndoVive Gastrostomy Tube Replacement Gastrostomy Feeding Tube ENFit: Straight
Order NumberDescriptionPackaging
M0050988112Fr Repl G-Tube, StraightBox 5
M0050989114Fr Repl G-Tube, StraightBox 5
M0050990116Fr Repl G-Tube, StraightBox 5
M0050991118Fr Repl G-Tube, StraightBox 5
M0050992120Fr Repl G-Tube, StraightBox 5
M0050993122Fr Repl G-Tube, StraightBox 5
M00509941 24Fr Repl G-Tube, StraightBox 5
EndoVive Gastrostomy Tube Replacement Gastrostomy Feeding Tube ENFit: Right Angle
Order NumberDescriptionPackaging
M0050996112Fr Repl G-Tube, Right-AngleBox 5
M0050997114Fr Repl G-Tube, Right-AngleBox 5
M0050998116Fr Repl G-Tube, Right-AngleBox 5
M0050999118Fr Repl G-Tube, Right-AngleBox 5
M0051000120Fr Repl G-Tube, Right-AngleBox 5
M0051001122Fr Repl G-Tube, Right-AngleBox 5
M0051002124Fr Repl G-Tube, Right-AngleBox 5