AF Monitor™

AF is prevalent in ICD-indicated patients and has significant mortality and morbidity risk implications.

AF Monitor is designed to assist in the detection of silent, new onset or the progression on AF1:

AF Monitor Algorithm

AF Monitor uses Ventricular Scatter and Heart Rate Density Index (HRDI) algorithms to identity and classify rhythmand is optimmized for Positive Prediction Value (PPV) to decrease false positives.
Metric  Definition

Emblem MRI Manual1



Boersma, et al.2


Patient has AF and Monitor detects It

Total number of patients who have AF

≥ 87 % 94.9 %

Patient has AF and monitor detects it

Patients detected with AF by the monitor*

≥ 90 % 100 %
* Result from Bench testing data
** Result from validation data set – 178 patient MIT ECG dataset
# Results include false positive detection

AF Monitor with LATITUDE™ NXT

AF Monitor and LATITUDE report
  • Timely detection of AF and introduction of anticoagulation in asymptomatic patients reduces the risk of stroke4,5
  • LATITUDE displays trend of detected AF in the last 100 days (hours AF/day)1

AF Monitor: Programming