Clinical Programs

Boston Scientific (BSC) technology is designed to provide improved clinical outcomes and contribute to the long term viability of DBS therapy. The goal of our clinical programs is to provide clinical evidence which helps physicians translate innovations to improved patient outcomes and to partner with physicians in driving innovation and advancing patient care.

Below are the types of clinical programs we support. 

Premarket Clinical Trials

  • Support new products and indications
  • Conducted in a controlled environment


Post Market Research

  • Provide evidence for approved products and indications
  • Flexible study design for expedited data release

Below is a list of BSC Posters that may be of interest to you. Click on each item to download.

  • Steinke, K. et. Al. Acute stimulation induced impedance changes of DBS System in Chronically implanted Live Porcine Model, NANS 2011
  • Carcieri, S. et. Al. Impact of Impedance Changes on Stimulation Estimates in a Pre-Clinical Model for Deep Brain Stimulation, ASSFN 2012
  • Carcieri, S. et Al. Impedance Changes Over Time in a Pre-Clinical Model for Deep Brain Stimulation, NANS 2011
  • Steinke, K. et Al. Short-term impedance variability during programming sessions in a pre-clinical model of deep brain stimulation, ESSFN 2012
  • Steinke, K. et. Al. Acute Impedance Changes of DBS System and Corresponding Stimulation Estimates, MDS 2013
  • Timmerman, L., Alesch, F., VANTAGE trial: A prospective, multi-center trial evaluating Deep Brain Stimulation with a new multiple-source, constant-current rechargeable system (VerciseTM) in Parkinson’s disease, MDS 2014
  • Yu, X. et Al. California Characterizing Rechargeable IPG Charge Cycle Time in DBS, NANS 2013