Deep Brain Stimulator System

Vercise™ PC System
Vercise™ PC Implantable Pulse Generator
Vercise™ PC Remote Control
Vercise™ PC System 
Vercise™ PC Implantable Pulse Generator
Vercise™ PC Remote Control 

Advancing DBS Therapy
Vercise PC DBS is the smallest and thinnest 16 contact non-rechargeable battery powered by MICC with current steering technology to precisely control the size and shape of stimulation for customized therapy. The system powers the Vercise Directional Lead, combined to form the world's first and only directional system for unmatched targeting.

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Product Description

Boston Scientific is ADVANCING DBS THERAPY by reshaping DBS, providing simply advanced programming, and staying patient focused in all that we do.

Reshaping DBS

Smallest and thinnest 16 contact IPG with contoured edges minimizes erosion and enhances patient comfort.

Current Steering with Multiple Independent Current Control (MICC) Technology using the Vercise Directional lead allows for precise control of the size and shape of the stimulation field to customize therapy for patients and minimize unwanted side effects.

Simply Advanced

Advanced software allows for programming flexibility and options to treat a broader range of patients throughout their disease progression  - from standard to more complex.

Software optimized for improved patient outcomes enables graphical summary of therapeutic benefits and/or side effects at a given position along the DBS lead array and stimulation amplitude.

Patient Focus

New remote design is simple and intuitive for ease of use and is available in multiple languages to suit patient needs.

Programming capabilities are designed for improved patient experience with therapy.


At Boston Scientific we believe that best-in-class quality is essential to long-term viability of DBS therapy. Through substantial investments in R&D and quality, our engineers invented unique features designed to deliver unmatched reliability and convenience in a simple device.