Variable Loop Mapping Catheter

Orbiter™ PV Variable Loop Mapping Catheter
ORBITER™ PV Variable Loop Mapping Catheter

The ORBITER PV Variable Loop Mapping Catheter has been designed to overcome the challenges of pulmonary vein mapping. With a reduction of complications, fluoroscopy and procedural time in mind, we've created a catheter that keeps you in contact for mapping and confirmation of post-ablation conduction block.

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Product Details

The deflectable shaft offers a complete range of motion.


The ORBITER PV Variable Loop Mapper Catheter product is built around a pressure-based positioning feature that maximizes stability in the physician-preferred location.

Procedural Efficiency

Among individual patients, pulmonary vein anatomy varies widely. By incorporating the ability to adjust loop diameter from 14.5mm to 25mm, we reduce the need for multiple-fixed diameter mapping catheters and their associated exchanges. 

Location is Everything

The variable loop design allows you to adjust the catheter's diameter to maximize contact with the pulmonary vein at its most proximal point.

Optimal Signal Quality

The ability to adjust loop size and maximize electrode-to-tissue contact with outward radial pressure.