Pulsed Field Ablation System

Welcome to Boston Scientific’s EHRA presence, featuring the latest ablation technology with FARAPULSE Pulsed Field Ablation (PFA) System, which has already been used to treat over 2,000 patients.

The technology has been built on a decade of design and therapy optimisation, symbolized by the precise folds we associate with origami. Our 5-petaled origami flowers folded by hand at EHRA represent the unique flower configuration of the FARAWAVE catheter, and you can look at the process behind it here:
Farapulse Origami Challenge Video
FARAPULSE PFA utilises a non-thermal energy source with proprietary electric fields, sparing collateral tissue damage while preferentially targeting myocardium.

The catheter has been designed to treat a range of pulmonary vein anatomies, through its variable distal shapes of basket and flower.

Watch an extract from the Boston Scientific’s sponsored AF Symposium at EHRA 2022

Can Pulsed Field Ablation meet all your needs?
Our origami flowers folded by hand at the event are constructed using recyclable paper, designed to represent Boston Scientific’s commitment to environmental sustainability.
FARAPULSE Origami Flower

Why not join the FARAPULSE PFA origami challenge, following the instructions above and share your attempt on LinkedIn, Twitter, and other channels using #FARAPULSE #BSCEMEA?

FARAPULSE All Studies Infographic