Antiretropulsion Device

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Unique Antiretropulsion Device - Gel rather than mechanical device. After the gel is placed, the catheter is removed, freeing up space in the ureter.
Animation - shows how BackStop Gel prevents stone migration during lithotripsy.
Reverse-thermosensitive Gel - at room temperature it is a soft, injectable gel and at body temperature it increases in viscosity to form a plug.
Kits include a 3F or 5F catheter with radiopaque distal tip and a 5mL syringe of Backstop Gel.
Reusable Injector designed to inject Backstop Gel.
Effective Antiretropulsion Device - prevents stone migration during lithotripsy.1 Increases fragmentation efficiency in bench studies.2
Easy to remove - dissolved 100% of the time in clinical studies.1,3

A reverse-thermosensitive gel that forms a plug in the ureter to prevent stone migration during lithotripsy, making stone cases more predictable.

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Product Details

Effective Antiretropulsion Device

  • Prevents stone migration during lithotripsy1
  • Completely occludes the ureter, preventing migration of stone fragments of all sizes 
  • Increases fragmentation efficiency, as demonstrated in a bench study2
  • May be used with laser, pneumatic and ultrasonic lithotripters

Unique Antiretropulsion Device

  • Gel rather than mechanical device
  • Gel conforms to the ureter
  • After the gel is placed, the catheter is removed, freeing the field

Easy to Place, Easy to Remove

  • Place with 3F catheter under direct visualization or with a 5F catheter under fluoroscopic guidance
  • Flush with conventional irrigation
  • Dissolved 100% of the time in clinical studies1,3

Latex Information

This product contains no detectable latex.


Ordering Information

Order Number UPN Description Size Quantity
390900 M0063909000 BackStop Gel x 3F Catheter Kit 5mL Syringe of Gel x 3F Catheter Each
390901 M0063909010 BackStop Gel x 5F Catheter Kit 5mL Syringe of Gel x 5F Catheter Each
390904 M0063909040 BackStop Injector (Reusable) N/A Each
390905 M0063909050 BackStop Replacement Sleeve (Reusable) N/A Each

Clinical Information

Stone Retropulsion Study


In a randomized, prospective, multi-center study, the BackStop Device group had a lower rate of retropulsion (9%) vs. the control group (53%).1

Backstop Gel reduced the occurrence of stone migration in ureteroscopy with ISWL cases.



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1. Rane, A et al, The use of a novel reverse thermosensitive polymer (BackStop™) to prevent ureteric stone retropulsion during intracorporeal lithotripsy: a randomized, controlled trial, J of Urol, 183: 1417-1423, 2010.

2. Kyle, C et al, Use of a Phase-Transition Polymer to decrease Retropulsion and Increase Efficiency of Lithotripsy: An In Vitro Study. World Congress of Endourology Poster, 2007.

3. Rao, P et al, Initial Experience with BackStop(TM) Preventing Retropulsion During Ureteroscopy, British Association of Urological Surgery Poster, 2008.