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DET Symposium

Join a European panel of arterial experts as they discuss the next frontier in the treatment of critical limb ischemia. With a live case, best practice sharing and lively discussions, you’ll have a comprehensive overview of “what’s next” in BTK intervention.

“Going further with Drug Eluting Technology in Peripheral Arterial Disease : From SFA to Below the Knee challenges.”

Tuesday, January 30, 15:00 - 16:30 Main Arena 1

Learning Objectives for this symposium:

  • To review current data in Drug Eluting Technologies in the SFA. 
  • To explore Drug Eluting Technologies and their application in Below the Knee intervention.
  • To understand challenges of Critical Limb Ischaemia and patient outcome targets.
Topics Speakers
Opening and learning objectives Dierk Scheinert
Current data and performance of drug eluting technology in SFA  Michael Lichtenberg
BTK intervention with drug coated balloons. Past lessons and future exploration Marc Sapoval
Live Case demonstration – from Leipzig  
Clinical targets and patient outcome goals in BTK intervention Roberto Ferraresi
Drug eluting stents in BTK intervention – a review  Hans van Overhagen
Next steps in drug eluting stent for BTK intervention  Jihad Mustapha
Panel  Discussion  
Close and take home learnings Dierk Scheinert


Venous Symposium

Join a European panel of venous experts as they discuss the critical elements of deep venous stenting such as patient pathway and treatment selection, optimal techniques and clinical outcomes. This instructive and interactive session will answer questions you may have about the new and growing area of venous practice.

„Expert opinion on deep venous stenting– Patient selection, technique and clinical outcomes“

Wednesday, January 31st, 13.30-14.15. Room 5 – Global Expert Exchange Forum
Chairperson: Mr Stephen Black, United Kingdom

Learning Objectives for this symposium:

  • To share insights from European Centers with extensive experience in venous stenting
  • To explore how to optimize patients outcomes based on lessons learned in clinical practice
  • To understand clinical outcome expectations and discuss unique long term follow up data
Topics Speakers
Open and learning objectives    Stephen Black
Venous stenting experience in Arnsberg Michael Lichtenberg
Venous stenting experience in Modena Marzia Lugli
Venous stenting experience in Marseille Oliver Hartung
Panel  Discussion  
Close and take home learnings Stephen Black


First time data release

Tuesday, January 30, Room 1 - Main Arena 1
10:15 - 10:20

Late breaker COMPARE-Pilot RCT: 1-year results of a randomised comparison of RANGER DCB vs. IN.PACT DCB in complex SFA lesions

Dierk Scheinert, Germany

Join our Meet the Experts Sessions

My long term experience with Carotid Wallstent™ Monorail™

Dr Ralf Langhoff will share current practice and benefits of using Carotid Wallstent; which patients will benefit most as well as tips and tricks to achieve best patient outcomes.

The Meet the Expert format is meant to be interactive and provides the audience with an opportunity to take part into the discussion.



Boston Scientific booth @ LINC
Trade Fair Leipzig, Hall 2

Wednesday, January 31, 2018
8:30 AM - 9:30 AM
Central European Time

Please contact your local representative to register to this session.
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Wednesday, January 31, 2018 
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Central European Time

Please contact your local representative to register to this session.
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