Visualization of Ranger Drug-Coated Balloon


View of medical professional's back of head wearing a surgical mask


Innovation for effortless deliverability.

Ranger™ Drug-Coated Balloon is built on the physician preferred Sterling™ 0.014”/0.018" balloon platform1 with with a low entry profile.


Ranger DCB has a low tip entry profile with .014”/.018” guidewire compatibility

Ranger DCB's low profile and tapered tip enables a smooth delivery with excellent trackability.


Ranger Drug-Coated Balloon from the side.

Efficient Drug Transfer

TransPax™ (citrate ester + low dose paclitaxel) is a next-generation coating that enables highly efficient drug transfer into the lesion.
Infographic showing TransPax is lipophilic and TransPax is hydrophobic.


Ranger DCB Product Details

Ranger DCB has a comprehensive matrix

Ranger DCB matrix of stent sizes
3. Boston Scientific Data on File. Ranger Catheter Competitive Testing Report, 92517674. Ranger diameters ≤6mm, testing done with Terumo GLIDESHEATH SLENDER™ 5F.


Proprietary Loading Tool

Serves as the balloon and drug protector to help prevent drug loss during insertion and limit a physician’s exposure to the drug.
Illustration of balloon and drug protected during loading device

Background image of surgical area and healthcare providers' hands.

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