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Supported by robust clinical evidence, Ranger provides exceptional outcomes, effortless deliverability, and efficient drug transfer.

Exceptional Outcomes vs. IN.PACT™

In the COMPARE Trial1, Ranger Demonstrated similar primary patency with half the total drug dose2 at 12 & 24 months.

12 Month Primary Patency Results

1. 12-Month Primary Endpoints: Binary Primary Patency = 83.0% for Ranger DCB and 81.5% for IN.PACT DCB (Pnon-inferiority <0.01). Freedom from Major Adverse Events = 91.0% for Ranger DCB and 92.6% for IN.PACT DCB (Pnon-inferiority <0.01).
2. Based on total drug dose for (4mmx60mm) or (averages for full size matrix) per the Ranger and IN.PACT DCB Directions for Use.
* Log-rank p-value compares the entire K-M curves from time zero to full one year follow-up window.


Watch Prof. Scheinert discuss COMPARE Trial Results

Dierk Scheinert, MD shares how the COMPARE Trial results impact his practice.

Dierk Scheinert, MD
University Hospital of Leipzig
Leipzig, Germany

Exceptional Outcomes vs. PTA

In the Ranger II SFA Pivotal Trial, Ranger demonstrated nearly 90% K-M Primary Patency at 12 months3

12-Month Kaplan-Meier Primary Patency


versus PTA (74.0%)

3. RANGER II SFA Pivotal Trial 12-Month Results presented by Marianne Brodmann. LINC 2020. 12-Month Primary Endpoints: Binary Primary Patency = 82.9% for Ranger DCB and 66.3% for PTA (p= <0.0017). Freedom from Major Adverse Events = 94.1% for Ranger DCB and 83.5% for PTA (Pnon-inferiority<0.0001)

Effortless Deliverability

Ranger is built on the market leading4 .018” Sterling Balloon Platform and is .014/.018” guidewire compatible with the lowest tip entry profile on the market.5

4. DRG data, CY 2019, .018” PTA Balloons.
5. Boston Scientific Data on File. Ranger Catheter Competitive Testing Report, 92517674. Measurements taken from 6 x 120 devices.
Ranger .018
Dr. Shammas shares perspectives on Ranger.

Nicolas Shammas, MD shares perspectives on Ranger's platform and compatibility with atherectomy devices.

Nicolas Shammas, MD
Cardiovascular Medicine
Davenport, IA


Efficient Drug Transfer

TransPax (Citrate Ester + Low Dose Paclitaxel1) is a next generation coating that efficiently transfers drug into the tissue, resulting in patency near 90%2 while reducing downstream particulates3 and systemic drug exposure for the patient4


Efficient Drug Transfer image
  1. Drug dose density = 2 μg/mm2
  2. COMPARE Clinical Trial 12-Month Full Cohort Results presented by Sabine Steiner, MD. LINC 2020. K-M Primary Patency = 88.4%.
    RANGER II SFA Pivotal Trial 12-Month Results presented by Marianne Brodmann. LINC 2020. K-M Primary Patency = 89.8%
  3. Gongora et al. Comparative Drug-Coated Balloon Study. JACC Cardiovasc Interv. 2015
  4. RANGER II SFA PK Substudy presented by Ravish Sachar, MD. VIVA 2019.


Ranger is a registered or unregistered trademark of Boston Scientific Corporation or its affiliates. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
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