High Risk SFA Patients Webinar

What have we learned on Eluvia DES in “high risk of restenosis” lesions/patients
Dr. Koen Deloose provides an overview of current clinical data for DES use in high risk of restenosis patients.

How I approached the long SFA lesion case
Prof. Gunnar Tepe discusses how he approached a long SFA lesion case

ELUVIA™ for complex femoropopiteal lesions
Prof. Yann Gouëffic shares his experience using drug eluting stent for the treatment of long femoropopliteal lesions.

Multi-“high risk” patient treatment in “PTX-discussion” times
Dr Koen Deloose shares his experience for Multi-“high risk” patient treatment in “PTX-discussion” times.

A glimpse into SAVAL and BTK DES
Dr Costantino Del Giudice shares cases treating infrapopliteal lesions in patients with Critical Limb Ischemia using Below the Knee Drug Eluting stent.

Panel Discussion
A panel of experts discusses those patients with high risk for restenosis and repeat femoropopliteal interventions and how they can benefit from drug eluting stent technology.