Visualization of Eluvia Drug-Eluting Stent, from side close-up.


A bold step forward.

Boston Scientific is committed to advancing science in the fight against PAD by boldly innovating with next-generation, drug-eluting technology. Backed by Level‑1 Randomised Controlled Trials, our exceptional results put the power of choice in the hands of those who make it happen. Together, we can save more limbs and help more people walk without pain.

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Two randomised controlled trials.1,2
Zero doubt.

Bold is being the first company to conduct two Level-1 comparative effectiveness trials. No SFA stent has performed better at 2-Years.1,2 No matter the lesion complexity. No matter the patient. See how it can make a difference in the fight against PAD.
Visualization of Eluvia Drug-Eluting Stent, side view of the stent close-up.


Built for sustained drug release and efficient drug transfer.

Only the Eluvia™ Drug-Eluting Stent offers sustained drug release to match the restenotic process in the SFA, with the lowest drug-dose3 delivered by the most proven polymer.


Clinical Highlights

Watch Prof. Y. Goueffic (Vascular Surgeon, France) presents the 12-Month results of the EMINENT RCT.
Watch Prof. Y. Goueffic (Vascular Surgeon, France) presents the 12-Month results of the EMINENT RCT. 

EMINENT Randomised Clinical Trial Results4

Eluvia DES demonstrated superior effectiveness over bare metal stents at 1-Year in the world's largest RCT of SFA stents.4


Primary patency rates showing Eluvia with 92.1% and Zilver PTX with 81.8%.

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