Only Eluvia uses a polymer for controlled, targeted delivery of the lowest drug dose

As a polymer-based drug eluting stent, Eluvia is more like coronary stents, such as Boston Scientific's TAXUS, versus peripheral paclitaxel-coated products. Both Eluvia and TAXUS deliver the same drug and are similar in design intent and mechanism of action; both yielding sustained, targeted paclitaxel delivery.

  •  In the MAJESTIC Clinical Trial, Eluvia demonstrated a 3.6% all-cause mortality rate at 3 years, which is in line or lower than with non-coated devices*
  • As published in JACC:CI, TAXUS demonstrated a 9.8% all-cause mortality rate at 5 years, compared to 9.1% in the BMS arm (p-value = 0.53)
  • A comprehensive analysis of Boston Scientific’s clinical data on localized, controlled release, polymer-based paclitaxel-eluting devices showed no safety signal as it pertains to all-cause mortality rates at any time point measured, including through five years.


* Innova Bare Metal Stent (SuperNOVA Trial) 3-year All-Cause Mortality: 7.9%


A 5-year patient-level pooled meta analysis

from randomized, controlled trials, published in JACC:CI, from 2,797 patients (TAXUS DES vs. BMS) showed no difference in mortality

5 year data in PAD patients

(TAXUS DES vs PTA + BMS) showed no difference in mortality in CLI




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