Visualization of Eluvia Drug-Eluting Stent and Ranger Drug-Coated Balloon.
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A bold step forward.

Boston Scientific is committed to advancing science in the fight against peripheral arterial disease (PAD) by boldly innovating with next-generation, drug-eluting technology (DET). Backed by Level-1 Randomised Controlled Trials, our proven exceptional results put the power of choice in the hands of those who make it happen. Together, we can save more limbs and help more people walk without pain.


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Four randomised controlled trials.
Zero doubt.

Bold is being the first company to conduct Level-1 comparative effectiveness trials directly comparing drug-eluting technologies. And we did it four times.

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Drug-Eluting Technologies

Visualization of Eluvia Drug-Eluting Stent, with drug emanating from it.

Eluvia™ Drug-Eluting Vascular Stent System

Designed with sustained release to match the restenotic process of the SFA. Eluvia demonstrated superiority at 1-Year in two RCTS - bare metal stents in EMINENT2 and Zilver PTX in IMPERIAL3. No SFA stent has performed better at 2-Years. No matter the lesion complexity. No matter the patient.

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Visualization of Ranger Drug-Coated Balloon, with drug emanating from it.

Ranger™ Drug-Coated Balloon

Ranger DCB is built on the physician preferred Sterling™ 0.014”/0.018" balloon platform4 with a low entry profile and backed by clinical results which demonstrate consistent near 90% patency at 1-Year5 and exceptional outcomes at 2 years6.


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