Enter the world of peripheral Drug Elution

Case study: using DCB and DES in polystenotic calcified right SFA in a 75-year old male patient

The video shows the diagnostic work-up with antegrade infusion, which finds a heavily diseased right SFA and short sub-total occlusion of an existing stent. After discussion, the strategy is to perform angioplasty with a  RangerTM DCB and place a single 15 cm EluviaTM DES in the most diseased area of the artery which, also incorporates the existing short stent. After the procedure, the SFA is shown to be completely free of stenosis.

Treatment options in PAD: catching up with coronary

Advances in Drug-Eluting Technologies used for the treatment of coronary artery disease have been adapted for application in chronic peripheral lesions.
Having worked together on a case study Thomas Zeller, Koen Deloose and Jay Kokate discuss with Max Amor the PAD treatment options available today.

If you are interested in knowing more about Drug-Eluting Technologies, read Prof. Müller-Hülsbeck’s Expert Opinion article below:

Download here: Eluvia™ peripheral stent system for the treatment of peripheral lesions above the knee. Prof. Stefan Müller-Hülsbeck.

Endovascular approaches for treating stenotic lesions of the peripheral arteries located above the knee (i.e. superficial femoral [SFA] and proximal popliteal arteries) invariably include the positioning of stents. However, the challenging biological environment means that restenosis or occlusion of the treated territory occur frequently requiring reintervention. The EluviaTM drug-eluting stent is designed to sustainably deliver an antiproliferative agent directly to the arterial tissue exactly when and where it is needed to reduce the incidence of restenosis.

Eluvia™ Drug-Eluting Vascular Stent System Brochure

Eluvia™ DES latest product brochure incorporating the new 2-year data from the MAJESTIC clinical trial available here.