Advancing the Critical Limb Ischemia Treatment Algorithm

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Roundtable: What Does the Future Hold for CLI?
WithJihad Mustapha, MD; Robert Lookstein, MD; Miguel Montero-Baker, MD;Luis Mariano Palena, MD; Hans van Overhagen, MD; TiborBalazs, MD; and Ralf Langhoff, MD

Techniques for Successful BTKRevascularization
ByLuis Mariano Palena, MD, and Marco Manzi, MD

Case Report: Utilizing IVUSBelow-the-Knee
BySteve Henao, MD,FACS, FACC

Case Report: Use of Atherectomy + DCB inCLI
By Tibor Balazs, MD

The SAVAL Randomized Trial of InfrapoplitealDrug-eluting Stent Use for Critical Limb Ischemia
ByJihad Mustapha, MD; Hans van