Boston Scientific leads the Drug-Eluting Technology debate at LINC 2017

Boston Scientific’s drug-eluting technology was among the highlights at the Leipzig Interventional Course in Germany in January, when more than 5,000 physicians from over 75 countries met to learn how technological advancements are contributing to improving daily clinical practice.

The LINC program included discussions on drug-eluting solutions through several lectures and thought-provoking debates about novel endovascular techniques, including thrombectomy and venous disease.

A comprehensive symposium on redefining SFA treatment in a Drug Eluting world sponsored by Boston Scientific, chaired by Professor Dierk Scheinert from Germany and Professor Iris Baumgartner from Switzerland, was further enriched by a live-case broadcast from Leipzig University Hospital that showcased Boston Scientific’s leading drug-eluting products -- the Ranger Drug Coated Balloon and the Eluvia Drug-Eluting Stent -- during a procedure in the superficial femoral artery.

Drug-eluting technology in Europe: what perspectives?

A panel discussion examined the relatively low adoption of drug-eluting technology in Europe, which remains below 40% across the continent despite a wealth of clinical trials and data showing a significant improvement in outcomes for procedures using drug-eluting solutions.  
Presented by Tepe at LINC 2017.

Professor Scheinert pointed out that drug-eluting technology today has become the treatment of choice for fempop lesions in claudicants, compared with the reservations about this technology that physicians had only a few years ago. However, adoption in Europe is lagging for a number of reasons, mainly due to the low level or even the absence of reimbursement from payers.

Still, the panel remained upbeat about the improving prospects for DET in Europe in the next few years as economic considerations start to shift toward the broader picture of lower reintervention rates, instead of focusing on the cost of the single procedure.

A bold clinical program

The symposium provided Boston Scientific with the opportunity to showcase its bold clinical program . Boston Scientific is currently the only medical device company who offers both drug-eluting stents and drug-coated balloons, providing physicians with a choice of treatments that can be adapted based on the patient’s needs.

The choice between drug-eluting balloons and drug-eluting stents varies depending on a number of factors such as the patient, the type of lesion, the presence of co-morbidity (s), as well as economic implications. Clinical data and head-to-head comparisons can offer a framework for physicians, but when it comes to choosing the best treatment option for a particular patient, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Further trials and more real-world data will help to better define treatment algorithms in the future.

Presented by Prof.T.Zeller, MD at LINC 2017.

Is there a future for drug-eluting technology in BTK?

The LINC program also included several sessions on the future of drug-eluting technologies in below-the-knee (BTK) treatment. Professor Francesco Liistro (San Donato Hospital, Arezzo, Italy) provided promising insights in his presentation of preliminary data from a single-center study in Italy comparing drug-coated balloons with plain old balloon angioplasty in patients with critical limb ischemia. Although POBA is still considered the method of choice for below-the-knee artery disease, its high rates of restenosis and reintervention make it far from ideal. Professor Liistro noted that preliminary data show drug-eluting balloons could reduce restenosis and the reocclusion of the vessel.  

More clinical data is needed to drive a definitive conclusion, but the presentation demonstrated that the interest in drug-coated balloons for the treatment of below-the-knee arterial disease is high within the medical community.

A “great debate” on venous interventions

A special session on Thursday called “The Great Debate” prompted a fertile discussion among venous experts. The session focused on current clinical practice and the best approaches to treat patients with venous disease. The trend toward endovascular and minimally invasive vascular procedures generated a lot of interest among the numerous vascular surgeons in attendance at LINC.  

Visit LINC 2017 website to view slides from the presentations

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