With our BPH portfolio we continue to ensure every patient is offered the right treatment at the right time in their journey.

In a world where patients are increasingly more concerned to stay at a hospital, let us help you to transform the BPH patient experience.

With proven technologies and durable results we continue to offer solutions that will reduce your waiting list burdens now more than ever.  Go to the BPHsolutions website.

Rezūm™ Water Vapour Therapy

A short procedure, with a low surgical retreatment rate of 4.4% through 5 years1, that can be delivered under local anaesthetic or light sedation. Most patients return to normal activities within a few days* with the comfort of having received a durable treatment. Go to the Rezūm product page.

* Dependent on individual clinical situation and healing response

Laser Therapy

A GreenLight™ laser procedure offers your patient a shorter hospital stay2,3 and faster recovery when compared to traditional surgery (TURP)4. With a low retreatment rate of 4.8% at 5 years5 and durable results for your patient; as well as the opportunity to treat the high-risk patients6,7 on your waiting list.  Visit the GreenLight product page. 

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