An exceptional IPP that sets the standard in ED treatment, improving patient quality of life and restoring intimacy.
AMS 700 IPP is designed for confidence, protection, satisfaction and flexibility.



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Infection Protection

Designed for protection, the AMS 700 IPP is the only line of penile implants with InhibiZone™ antibiotic impregnated cylinders proven to reduce the risk of revision due to infection in even the most challenging patients by up to 65%.1-3

The AMS 700 series comes ready for the procedure – no mixing, no dipping required. Instead, you can confidently start each procedure ready to go, eliminating unnecessary extra steps to help standardize your surgical approach, reduce OR variables that increase risk and ultimately enhance procedure efficiency.

AMS 700

Increased length and girth

The AMS 700TM LGX is the only IPP on the market with cylinders that expand in length and girth up to 25% and 18 (+/-2) mm, respectively.4-6

Penile shortening is one of the most common patient concerns following radical prostatectomy, Peyronie’s disease procedures and penile implant surgeries.7, 13,16-18 AMS 700 LGX provides patients the opportunity to regain or maintain penile length, while sustaining 2x the required rigidity for penetration.5-6,8-9

Reliability and durability

The Parylene-coated silicone layers improve wear resistance, durability and reliability, allowing for a long-lasting, permanent and durable treatment option.4,9-11 Cylinders with Parylene are 5x more durable than non-Parylene coated devices.4

More than 94% of devices have a mechanical failure-free survival rate at 7 years 10 – a testament to reliable and trusted satisfaction for both patient and partner.

ams 700
AMS 700

Natural appearance

AMS 700 IPP is meticulously layered with silicone and fabric to reinforce and maintain a symmetrical shape, offering a natural look in both flaccid and erect states.4,8,12

Allowing for maximum rigidity and minimized risk of cosmetic deformities, AMS 700 IPP gives patients confidence to regain intimacy with a reliable and permanent solution.4,8-12

Patient and partner satisfaction

AMS 700 IPP is designed for satisfaction and helps restore a normal sexual function, allowing both the patient and their partner to regain intimacy.

With over 500,000 patients successfully treated worldwide4, the AMS 700 implant boasts a satisfaction rate of 92-97% for patients and 91-96% for their partners, according to two studies.13,14

ams 700
AMS 700

Personalized Patient Care

Support patients throughout the ED journey with virtual and in-person education to help raise awareness, access, and enablement. 

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