Covid-19 has posed unprecedented challenges for the provision of healthcare.

During a series of interviews over the last three months1, we have gathered feedback to understand what you need most from us now and moving forward. We are committed to be there for you - providing the support you need, when you need it.

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reducing waiting lists
Reducing waiting lists >

As we start to move towards recovery, you need access to technologies that will help you and your department deliver efficient and effective care to patients.
virtual support
We understand that you need virtual access to training and sales support in the months ahead.
managing financial constraints
Managing financial constraints >

When taking on additional caseload to reduce waiting lists, you need access to financing models that are transparent, helping you plan the impact for your department.

Reducing waiting lists


Stone Management

LithoVue™ Single-Use Flexible Digital Ureteroscope

Always Ready, Always Available


Increasing waiting lists is the number one acute concern for endourologists in the current environment. LithoVue is always ready, always available and provides consistent performance even in complex cases2 giving you complete confidence while you manage your patient back-log.

By eliminating many of the steps required to use, maintain and handle reusable ureteroscopes, the LithoVue system facilitates higher physician productivity and greater throughput.3-6

By offering a single-use solution, the LithoVue system eliminates the inconsistent performance associated with reusable scopes.7-10 Go to the LithoVue product page.

LithoVue Empower™ turns stone basketing from a two-person task into a one-handed operation, giving control back to the surgeon without compromising OR efficiency or operating time. Check out the Empower product page.

Swiss LithoClast® Trilogy Lithotripter

Because efficiency matters

A dual-energy, single-probe lithotripter safely fragments and removes stones faster than other leading dual-energy lithotripters.11-13

Because User Experience Matters

Swiss LithoClast® Trilogy Lithotripter delivers it all in a single, integrated, plug-and-play system. Its design can make it easy to set up in the OR – and simple for physicians and staff to learn and use.

  • Intuitive User Experience: Centralized touch screen controls designed to simplify the customizing of energy and suction settings
  • Enhanced Versatility:  Choose from an expanded range of probe sizes compatible with most commonly used endoscopes. Minimally invasive percutaneous (MIP) stone treatments now available. Ultrasonic and ballistic energy is generated, independently or simultaneously, with suction
  • Seamless Stone Collection: A proprietary Stone Catcher provides seamless collection of stone fragments for analysis – potentially reducing manual retrieval with additional devices

Go to the Trilogy product page.

Because Physician Experience Matters

"Using Trilogy has changed how I think about scheduling my operating lists, with three PCNLs in a day now a possibility."

Mr. O.Wiseman, Cambridge UK

"Trilogy is suitable for MIP - minimally invasive percutaneous surgery”

Prof. Dr. Udo Nagele, Hall in Tyrol Austria

"Trilogy was too efficient and finished the case too early and underutilised my list, although this was great for the patient with a significantly shorter operating time and better stone clearance.”

Mr. K. Saeb-Parsy, Cambridge UK

"Trilogy breaks stones faster.“

Dr. Thomas Kunit, Salzburg Austria


With our BPH portfolio we continue to ensure every patient is offered the right treatment at the right time in their journey.

In a world where patients are increasingly more concerned to stay at a hospital, let us help you to transform the BPH patient experience.

With proven technologies and durable results we continue to offer solutions that will reduce your waiting list burdens now more than ever.  Go to the BPHsolutions website.

Rezūm™ Water Vapour Therapy

A short procedure, with a low surgical retreatment rate of 4.4% through 5 years14, that can be delivered under local anaesthetic or light sedation. Most patients return to normal activities within a few days* with the comfort of having received a durable treatment. Go to the Rezūm product page.

* Dependent on individual clinical situation and healing response

Laser Therapy

A GreenLight™ laser procedure offers your patient a shorter hospital stay15,16 and faster recovery when compared to traditional surgery (TURP)17. With a low retreatment rate of 4.8% at 5 years18 and durable results for your patient; as well as the opportunity to treat the high-risk patients19,20 on your waiting list.  Visit the GreenLight product page. 

Radiation Oncology

Designed to minimise potential side-effects associated with prostate cancer radiation therapy.


SpaceOAR™ Hydrogel


Utilising the latest minimally invasive hydrogel technology, SpaceOAR can be applied with local anaesthesia*, facilitating a rapid procedure.

Prostate radiation toxicity has been shown to cause both acute and chronic long-term complications.21-22

SpaceOAR Hydrogel can help minimise the long-term impact on bowel, urinary and sexual quality of life for men undergoing radiation therapy.21,23,24  
Go to the SpaceOAR product page.

*SpaceOAR can be applied under general and local anaesthesia depending on physician discretion.

Male Incontinence and Erectile Dysfunction

We are leveraging technology and exploring innovative solutions to be able to continue providing support for men’s health procedures and helping reduce hospital burden in the current environment.
Restoring patient quality of life is and will continue to be our top priority.

We are committed to helping provide educational resources on erectile dysfunction and stress urinary incontinence therapies, ensuring patients feel comfortable seeking the treatment they need, both virtually and in-person with you. 

Check out our ED and Incontinence product pages.

Virtual support 

We aim to provide in-person support for critical patient procedures and time-sensitive patient needs, in accordance with guidance from local health authorities and following the protocols of each institute.

Exploring innovative technologies like Merged Reality and Smart Glasses will enable us in future to deliver you better support when using our technologies.

Continued training and education is vital and we are proud to be able to offer a comprehensive range of training courses and webinars – available online as and when you need them. Visit our EDUCARE portal.

In partnership with the AIS channel, we offer you an innovative new approach to global surgical training with the World Urology Series. Check out the AIS website.


Managing financial constraints

Managing the cost of the procedure

If you’re taking on additional cases, you need absolute cost control for your department. Boston Scientific offers a number of commercial solutions that enable you to have full transparency over the procedural cost – and you can even include the costs of capital in one single fee.


Short-term access to equipment

If you need short-term access to flexible ureteroscopy, laser lithotripsy or Rezūm™ BPH treatment, we have a range of short-term solutions, with no need for you to retain the equipment at the end of the term.



Cost-effective laser lithotripsy

The Auriga XL™ is a cost effective25 holmium laser solution that performs a broad range of lithotripsy and BPH procedures.  Visit the Auriga XL product page.