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It only takes one piece, and it can happen to any TAVI patient.

No matter their age. No matter their background. Even minor cognitive events can represent life-changing effects for your patients and their families. So it’s time to take another look at the effects of every stroke, and reassess how we can prevent them.


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Any stroke can be devastating

Any stroke can devastate your patients and their families. Even minor cognitive events can result in significant negative consequences on their quality of life.

The rates are underdiagnosed. But the effects are impossible to ignore.

The facts of stroke

The Facts of Stroke

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The cost of TAVI-related stroke is meaningful

Stroke has an impact on the quality-of-life of patients, their families and caregivers. And in addition to this, patients experiencing stroke have higher costs due to hospitalization, longer LoS, hospital re-admissions, rehabilitation and social costs.

The cost of stroke

Societal Costs of Stroke

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Stroke happens
Stroke happens
 * SENTINEL IDE Trial. Data presented at SENTINEL Advisory Panel, February 23, 2017.



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