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Sunday 22 November
13:00 - 13:15 Experts Interview Corner

Improving efficiency in TAVI by implementing an early discharge program

15 min Sponsored Interview
Session available on demand
Speakers: Christian Hengstenberg (AT), Mika Laine (Fl), Stefan Toggweiler (CH)


Monday 23 November
10:35 - 11:35 Main Arena Channel

Securing coronary access during and after TAVI

60 min Sponsored TNT

Session coordinator: L. Søndergaard (DK)
Speakers: Mirvat Alasnag (KSA), Thomas Cuisset (FR), Helge Möllmann (DE)

Attend this session if you want:

  • To understand the implications of coronary artery disease in TAVI patients
  • To learn about transcatheter heart valves implantation technique to obtain commissural alignment
  • To assess the feasibility of coronary access after TAVI


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