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LOTUS Edge™ Aortic Valve System

Designed to offer complete control and predictable results, the LOTUS Edge Aortic Valve System features a proprietary frame and Adaptive Seal™ that virtually eliminate paravalvular leak (PVL), exclusive deployment technology for reduced procedural complications and 100% repositionability to optimize patient outcomes.

Unique Adaptive Seal and braided nitinol valve frame

Achieve Surgical-Like PVL

Paravalvular leak can be a significant predictor of mortality after a TAVI procedure. To help ensure effective sealing between the TAVI valve and native anatomy, we designed the LOTUS Edge Aortic Valve System with a unique Adaptive Seal and braided nitinol valve frame that conforms to each patient’s anatomy, virtually eliminating PVL.

LOTUS™ Valve PVL Rates at 1 Year

Moderate or Greater PVL

Superior PVL Rates

In REPRISE III, the first head-to-head U.S. pivotal trial, the LOTUS Valve platform demonstrated significantly lower moderate to severe paravalvular leak compared to the Evolut™ R/CoreValve™ platform.

REPRISE III: PVL Through 2 Years

REPRISE III: PVL Through 2 Years

Get Consistent, Stable Delivery Every Time

The LOTUS Edge Aortic Valve System features exclusive deployment technology designed to provide complete control and stable deployment without valve migration. This advanced technology helps ensure precise placement and reduced complications during TAVI procedures.

Recapture and Reposition After 100% Deployment

The LOTUS Edge Aortic Valve System is the only 100% repositionable TAVI valve that allows you to assess final valve position and function after deployment, with the option to recapture and reposition for optimal patient outcomes.


SAFARI2TM Pre-Shaped Guidewire

SAFARI2, the leading TAVI wire in Europe, offers enhanced wire predictability with superior shape retention1,2, streamlined device delivery through optimized rail support3,4,5 and the widest guidewire choice available with three curve sizes.

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Superior Clinical Outcomes

Explore the clinical data showing superior paravalvular leak, stroke and procedural outcomes for LOTUS Edge.

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