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EXALT™ Model B

Single-Use Bronchoscope

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Evolving the standard section

Evolving The Standard of Care
For Single-Use Bronchoscopy

Designed with patients, procedures, and suction in mind, EXALT™ Model B is optimized for a full array of bedside procedures, featuring suction capabilities, high-quality imaging, and the feel of a reusable, all with the benefits of single-use device.


Enhanced suction capabilities section

Suction Capabilities

Available in slim, regular and large.

  • The suction of the large size scope is designed for patients with voluminous or difficult secretions or require aspiration of blood clots.
  • Regular scope - suction capabilities in a 5.0mm scope size, supporting most bedside ICU procedures
  • The slim size scope's small diameter allows for use within a double-lumen tube during lung isolation procedures.
Unique channel design section

Unique Channel Design

EXALT Model B was specifically designed to provide physicians with suction capabilities. The unique clam shell shape of the working channel is designed to facilitate increased suction.

Familiar performance

Visualization & Functionality

The speed, efficiency, and clinical value of bronchoscopy procedures depend on optimal lighting to produce high-quality images for diagnosis and treatment. EXALT Model B features dynamic light control designed for high-quality visualization. The placement of scope controls and working channel are designed for a familiar feel of a reusable scope.

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Exciting Things Are Coming

Follow along with the latest clinical advancements of EXALT Model B.

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More than Just A Device

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Procedural Coverage

The suction performance across all sizes offers the potential to cover more clinical cases for bedside procedures.
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Minimal Learning Curve

EXALT™ Model B is designed to mimic the form and function of your reusable scope.
Icon of 24 hour clock timeframe.

24/7 availability

There's no time to waste in critical care. As a single-use device, EXALT Model B is readily available anytime, anywhere.
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Comprehensive support

We help you seamlessly integrate EXALT Model B into your hospital with access to clinical experts, on-demand training and technical support.
One patient, one scope section

One Patient, One Scope

Single-use scopes are immediately available, require less set-up time than reusable scopes, and minimize infection risks associated with ineffective reprocessing practices. 



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