Pelvic Congestion Syndrome Image
Pelvic Congestion Syndrome Image

In Boston Scientific, we are providing procedural solution for you to offer predictable & consistent therapy to your patients. Delivering our highly thrombogenic Interlock™ 35 coil through a 5Fr Imager II diagnostic catheter will enable you to fill the entire course of pelvic veins to slow down blood flow and achieve safe & effective thrombosis


Solution for Pelvic Congestion Solution with our solution kit

PTFE-Coated Starter™ Guidewire

Standard diagnostic and access guidewire available in Fixed Core, Moveable Core, Bentson, Newton and Rosen

Imager™ II Angiographic Catheter

Single lumen, torqueable Imager Catheters are available in different tip configurations and working lengths.

Interlock™ 35

Reliable detachment mechanism – elegant, simple interlocking arms mechanism means the coils can be advanced and retracted with confidence and as a single operator with no need for additional handles or steps.

EDUcational material