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In Boston Scientific, we are providing procedural solutions for you to offer predictable & consistent therapy to your patients. Our range of microcatheters and guidewires work together to reach target vessels and enable optimal delivery of fibered coils for achieving complete embolization.


Perform embolization of Hemorroids with our solution kit

Fathom 14,16™

The Fathom Steerable Guidewires - now with a new angled tip - combine a nitinol hypotube distal segment with advanced microfabrication technology, creating a design that revolutionizes access of the most tortuous vasculature

Direxion™ 2.4

Our newly enhanced Direxion microcatheters deliver unrivaled torqueability while maintaining excellent trackability, flexibility and pushability

Interlock™ 18

The Interlock-18 Fibered IDC Occlusion System is designed to offer precision and control, in combination with thrombogenicity and flexibility. The interlocking arms allow the coil to be advanced and retracted before final placement, for security in embolization procedures.

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