Endoleak Type II management with InterlockTM

In Boston Scientific, we are providing procedural solutions for you to effectively treat Endoleak Type II patients. Delivering our highly thrombogenic InterlockTM 18 and 35 coils will enable you to achieve fast occlusion in pre-, intra- and postoperative treatment approach. Safe, effective & economical.

Intra-operative coil embolisation improves EVAR results for high risk patients

Persistent Endoleak Type II (EL II) is not a rare complication and it could require re-interventions.1 It has been shown that 10 - 26% of patients develop an Endoleak Type II after EVAR with reported reintervention rate of 19% -26%2,3

Treating patient with predictive factors to develop a persistent Endoleak Type II after EVAR results in fewer EL II incidence rates and reduced re-interventions during early and midterm follow-up. 4,5

The efficacy, safety and reproducibility of intra-operative coil embolization of the aneurysmal sac during EVAR for patients at risk for Type II Endoleak, with no immediate or short-term major complications have been demonstrated4,5

Intra-operative coil embolisation improves EVAR results for high risk patients

Solution for intraoperative Endoleak Type II

PTFE-Coated Starter™ Guidewire

Standard diagnostic and access guidewire available in Fixed Core, Moveable Core, Bentson, Newton and Rosen

Imager™ II Angiographic Catheter

Single lumen, torqueable Imager Catheters are available in different tip configurations and working lengths.

Interlock™ 35

High thrombogenicity and cube shape – specifically designed for aneurysmal packing with best in class 9mm PET fibers, resulting in less time required to reach complete occlusion1 reducing the Endoleak Type II persistence.