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Achieving deep targeted embolisation using small microspheres

First study on Safety & Efficacy using 40 µm Embozene™ TANDEM microspheres

« We have chosen Tandem 40μm for their small sizes and calibration as well as for size stability, post loading change being inferior to 5%. Among our expectations, a theoritical deeper penetration. So less risk of angiogenesis due to hypoxic effect »

Dr Giorgio Greco, Istituto Nazionale del Tumori, Milano.

Compared to recent publications, a trend to

  • Better time to progression - Media TTP 13 Months
  • Lower toxicity
  • Lower incidence of Post Embolisation Syndrome, probably due to selectivity and preservation of liver parenchyma

Impact of microparticle size on embolisation effect

Main principle for obtaining best results from embolisation:

Case report: use of 40 μm microspheres with doxorubicin in patient with hepatitis C cirrhosis and Child-Pugh classification C as bridging therapy

“Histological examinations showed the presence of doxorubicin beads within the interstitium of the tumour, the deepest level achievable.

Hoi Lam She, Princess Margaret Hospital, Hong Kong