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Improved Sexual function after Uterine Fibroid Embolisation

Uterine fibroid embolisation is a safe and effective procedure. The efficacy is demonstrated by a high degree of fibroid devascularisation, volume reduction, significant improvements of clinical symptoms and increased quality of life scores during follow-up.

Impact on physiological and psychological aspects of sexual function

Most studies focus on psychological aspects of sexual function.
Both physiological and psychological aspects of sexual function are important, looking at  desire, arousal, lubrication, orgasm, satisfaction, and pain.

EFUZEN is a prospective multi-centric study looking at 264 consecutive women treated with EMBOZENE™ Microspheres.
EFUZEN has demonstrated significant improvement of quality of life and all aspects of sexual function at 1 year post embolisation using FSFI scores.
Prior to UFE treatment 92% of the patients had fibroid enhancement of over 50%. Post treatment (3-6 months) contrast enhanced MRI scans showed fibroid enhancement at 0 – 10% in an impressive 70% of patients.

More complete fibroid infarction is associated with better symptom control and fewer reinterventions1,2

% Fibroid Infarction Patients Rate of Symptom Control Rate of Additional GYN Intervention
100% 142 93% 3%
90 - 99% 74 71% 15%
<90% 5 60% 20%
1. Kroencke TJ, et al. Radiology 2010; 255:834. 2. Katsumori T, et al. Cardiovasc Interven Radiol 2008; 31:66
Up to 96% total devascularisation achieved with EMBOZENE™ Microspheres as published by Stampfl et al, using 500, 700 & 900 µm diameters.

What does it take to achieve complete infarction?

The aim of UFE is the occlusion of the vessels of the perifibroid plexus, sparing the vessels feeding the normal healthy myometrium.


Larger sized microspheres might not penetrate deep enough
into the targeted vessels, and smaller microspheres might
penetrate too deep, with a risk of necrosis of the
uterine stroma.


The size of microspheres used for UFE should ideally be equal to the diameter of the arteries of the perifibroid plexus.