PtCr Customized Stent Architecture

The unique PtCr Customized Stent Architecture, common to our Promus PREMIER™SYNERGY™ and REBEL™ coronary stents, is the latest expression of our twenty-five year commitment to perfecting minimally-invasive coronary stenting technologies.


Our Promus PREMIER, SYNERGY and REBEL coronary stents are designed with the PtCr alloy and Customized Stent Architecture which provides strength where you need it.  


Helical customized connector designed for maximum flexibility and conformanceFracture resistance and less vessel straightening.


Even with thin struts the high density of platinum chromium allows for greater visibility
Alloy PtCr
Strut Thickness 74 µm

Customized PtCr stent architecture across 3 stent systems

Feature REBEL Stent Promus PREMIER Stent SYNERGY Stent
Platinum Chromium Alloy
Cutomized Stent Architecture
Enhanced Delivery System
(Dual layer balloon, bi-segment inner catheter, shorter, red tip)
Enhanced Push Technology
(Laser-Cut Hypotube)
Post Dilatation limit to 5.75 mm (for 4.00 mm)*
Everolimus Drug  
Bioabsorable Polymer    
Clinical Data Omega Trial** Platinum Trial** Evolve Trial
1.Labeled Post-Dilatation limit on the Directions for Use.
2.Omega Trial studied the Omega™ PtCr Stent System. Platinum Trial studied the Promus PtCr EES (Promus Element).

Drug eluting stent labeled post-dilatation limits*

Drug Eluting Stent Labeled Post-Dilatation Limits
Do not dilate the stent beyond the limit above.
*SYNERGY Stent, Promus PREMIER Stent System, Xience Xpedition Stent System and Resolute Integrity Stent System Directions for Use.
** Max Stent Inner Diameter.