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About MultiSENSE


MultiSENSE was an international, multicenter, non-randomised feasibility study designed to determine how ambulatory sensor measurements change with worsening heart failure (HF).


Develop and validate a multi-sensor algorithm for the early detection of worsening heart failure.


HeartLogic multi-sensor index and alert algorithm provide a sensitive and timely predictor of impending heart failure decompensation.1



The Journey

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  • 10+ years research
  • Data analysis from 12 clinical trials
  • Extensive HF clinic customer visits
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Algorithm Development

  • Thousands of candidate features evaluated and down selected for optimal algorithm development
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Algorithm Design

  • Multiple fusion techniques evaluated
  • Multiple combinations of learnings leveraged in final algorithm
MultiSENSE Study Results
The MultiSENSE study assessed more than 900 patients and validated the HeartLogic algorithm to have:1
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in Detecting Heart Failure Events

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Advance Notice of Worsening Heart Failure

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Per Patient Per Year

Chart showing the HeartLogic sensitivity and unexplained alert rates per patient-year.
Physician Perspectives

“From the time an alert occurs until the heart failure event—the median time is 34 days. That gives us a great opportunity to change the course of the future.”

John P. Boehmer, MD

Identifying High-Risk Patients

The MultiSENSE study demonstrated HeartLogic Heart Failure Diagnostic’s ability to identify high-risk patients, which may allow clinicians to focus on patients at highest risk while maintaining surveillance of low-risk patients.

Read the Article
A Multisensor Algorithm Predicts Heart Failure Events in Patients With Implanted Devices: Results From the MultiSENSE Study

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