NICE Recommends EnduraLife™ Powered CRT-Ds

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) now recommends the use of EnduraLife™-powered CRT-Ds for treating heart failure.
NICE has stated that “The case for adopting EnduraLife™-powered CRT-D devices for treating heart failure is supported by the evidence. Extended battery life is of clinical benefit and associated with fewer replacement procedures.” 

Evidence Based Guidance

NICE provides evidenced-based guidance to improve health and social care in the United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS). To assess EnduraLife™-powered CRT-D devices, NICE reviewed 6 observational studies on CRT-D battery life, 5 product performance reports, 6 studies on adverse events arising from cardiac device replacement, 4 studies on cost implications of longevity and an economic model.

Better Outcomes

From its evaluation of this evidence, NICE concluded that the extended battery life observed with EnduraLife™-powered CRT-Ds is likely to reduce the number of avoidable replacement procedures a patient may have to undergo, thereby offering improved outcomes for patients and potential savings to the NHS in England of approximately £6 million in the first five years.

Exclusive Battery Technology

EnduraLife™ Battery Technology, which has nearly two times the usable battery capacity and is packaged in a device up to 11 percent smaller than other devices, was introduced in the company's line of CRT-Ds in 2008.