Clinical Studies

The Schaer/Von Gunten Study

Longevity of implantable cardioverter defibrillators: a comparison among manufacturers and over time is the largest independent study of it’s kind – comparing the VR, DR and CRT-D survival from implant to ERI between manufacturers, and comparing device survival between generations of technology over a 20-year period. (N=3636 patients with 4881 devices in Switzerland and the Netherlands, STJ 31.5%, BIO 25%, BSC 19.4%, MDT 18.4%).


Longevity Comparison Between Manufacturers Post-2006


  • Post-2006, Boston Scientific was the overall leader in VR, DR, and CRT-D device longevity – lasting significantly longer than all other manufacturers.
  • Boston Scientific device survival at 6 years was 100% for VR, 93.3% for DR and 97.6% for CRT-Ds, compared to Medtronic device survival which was 85.9% for VR, 76.5% for DR and 46.3% for CRT-D.

9 CRT-D Survival Studies

9 recent studies agree that CRT-Ds powered by EnduraLife™ Battery Technology offer industry leading longevity.

Technology Platform Comparison Study

2015 Landolina study confirmed that ENDURALIFE™ Battery Technology delivers the most dramatic improvement in device longevity compared to previous generations.8

Battery Capacity Study

2014 Ellis Study confirmed that battery capacity (a.k.a., Ampere Hours) is a predictor of longevity.7
Battery Capacity Study
Survival rate calculated using device replacements for battery depletion as indicated by ERI.