EHRA Paper validates EnduraLifeTM
Benefit and Performance

EHRA Paper on the importance of device longevity.
Professor J.L. Merino, co-chairman of the EHRA board and co-author of the paper, shares his insights.

The European Heart Rhythm Association (EHRA) released an expert review paper analyzing the clinical and economic value of extending device longevity in the perspective of the patients and the health care system.

The statement concluded that “In view of its clinical and economic value, device longevity should be a determining factor in device choice by physicians and healthcare commissioners and should be appropriately considered and valued in comparative tenders.” 1

A Closer Look at Today’s Battery Technologies EnduraLife Clinical and Economic Benefit

The EHRA Paper looked at current technologies and how device longevity may meet the clinical need for improved patient management, reduced device therapy complications and reduced costs for the healthcare system.

Extended device longevity can dramatically reduce device change-outs, resulting in reduced risk of infections and complications from surgery.

The statement concluded that “device longevity is based on battery technology, efficiency of the electronic circuitry and availability of specific algorithms for reducing battery consumption” 1 and singled out Boston Scientific as the leader in usable battery capacity.

Usable battery capacity evolution
Usable battery capacity evolution2
More usable battery capacity and increased energy efficiency are reasons why EnduraLife powered devices are projected to last up to twice as long as other devices.
EnduraLife devices provide 60-90% more usable battery capacity than competing devices3-6

Device longevity has a direct effect on cost management for the health care industry as well as for individual patients.

The paper showed data from the Swedish registry emphasizing the important impact of extended longevity in reducing long-term costs of device therapy and savings up to 30%, depending on clinical scenarios1.

Yearly costs of CRT-D device replacements (Swedish registry)
Yearly costs of CRT-D device replacements (Swedish registry)7

EHRA Conclusions

An extension of device longevity has been obtained by improved battery chemistry and device technology and has both clinical and economic benefits.
  • Extending device longevity is important to reduce complications, to comply with patient preference, and to improve cost efficacy.
  • Longevity improvement in technology allows more device optimization options.
  • Extension of device longevity may have an important impact in reducing long-term costs of device therapy and can save up to 30%, depending on clinical scenarios.

Boston Scientific’s EnduraLife™ Battery is a future-proofed technology featuring

  • 1.9Ah Capacity
  • Li/MnO2 Battery Chemistry
  • Optimized Energy Efficiency
  • 10 Years of real world Performance