behind every moustache

Behind every moustache
is a story

Every story is unique. Living with a disease is not only difficult for you but also for your loved ones. It is not always easy to speak about health issues and many conditions remain taboo like urinary incontinence, erectile dysfunction, enlarged prostate or even prostate cancer. However, you can take control of your health by understanding available therapies and by seeking for advice from a healthcare specialist.

Having a frank and informed discussion with your urologist could be the first important step to get a recommendation for the most suitable treatment option for you and ultimately a sustained quality of life which will also benefit your family and friends.



Are you a prostate cancer patient?

Every year, millions of patients in Europe are confronted with a diagnosis of prostate cancer. There are many different treatments available and together with your doctor you will carefully choose the most suitable option for you considering your specific situation and priorities. Earlier detection, advancements in medicine and new technologies make it possible to potentially live longer after a prostate cancer treatment. Hence it is even more important to also focus on possible side effects of different therapies and ultimately, on your quality of life.

behind every Moustache

Alex has chosen hydrogel spacing when undergoing prostate cancer radiation therapy to minimise potential side effects.




Do you experience erection problems?

Erectile dysfunction can be equally devastating for you and your partner as it limits your intimacy, affects your self-esteem, and impacts your relationship with your partner. But there is hope for every man with erectile dysfunction to regain the confidence, control and wholeness to enjoy an active, satisfying sex life. It is important to discuss your options with a urologist before starting any treatment to help you make informed choices, as to the options that may be best suited for you. 

For Robert, finding a solution that allowed him to be independent and spontaneous was “the best thing I ever did in my life.” His urologist, Dr. Singh, says men who receive a penile implant are “probably the happiest patients that I have.”
Daniel regrets “not getting the prosthesis earlier” as he now feels “even more comfortable” in his own skin. His urologist, Doctor Koen van Renterghem, states that both patient and partner are very satisfied after prostheses surgery.



Are you having symptoms of an enlarged prostate?

Living with an enlarged prostate can be difficult – for you as well as your loved ones. You don’t have to let your enlarged prostate stand in the way of the life you want. Talk to your urologist about the differences between procedures and their potential impact. Their advice can help you make the choice that best fits your needs and wishes.

Charles shares his journey with an enlarged prostate and how he found a therapy solution that suited his needs with Rezum™ water vapour therapy.
At 70 years old, Miguel had no intention of giving up his quality of life because of his enlarged prostate. He finally chose water vapour therapy.