1. The IAS Network

The Institute for Advancing Science (IAS) is both a physical and virtual state-of-the-art facility where physicians and other healthcare professionals come to receive expert training and guidance on Boston Scientific products and safe implant techniques.

At the IAS headquarters in Paris, or at the five satellite centres (Düsseldorf, Milan, Warsaw and, opening soon, Madrid and Hemel Hempstead) around Europe, EDUCARE offers a variety of interactive learning programmes. These cover implantation, therapeutic technology and lab-based education in the fields of interventional cardiology, rhythm management, endoscopy, peripheral interventions, urology and pelvic health and neuromodulation.
The IAS centres have a wide range of virtual reality simulators, diagnostic tools and models to simulate realistic clinical situations, and training programmes are supported by leading medical experts in their respective fields.

2. The EDUCARE digital platform

To complement the IAS programmes, EDUCARE’s e-learning platform has been developed to provide further educational and learning opportunities for healthcare professionals which they can more easily integrate into their everyday working lives.

Every healthcare professional registered with us will have 24 hour access, wherever they are, to an individual learning path, specifically structured to his or her level of expertise and providing comprehensive and interactive educational content. Learning paths are available for all therapeutic areas.


3. Live Surgical Streaming

Through our excellent partnership with leading physicians we can offer opportunities for healthcare professionals to observe innovative procedures and surgeries without leaving their own hospital. Live streaming from the surgery room enables significant numbers of observers throughout Europe to log in and witness a single live procedure first hand.

This educational training is enhanced, in most cases, by the addition of a microscopic camera in the tip of the catheter, which enables the audience to see inside the patient. And the audience can interact with the theatre team via a live chat, further enriching the experience.

4. Committed Partnerships

Medical learning is a continuous process for healthcare professionals and our professional partners make an invaluable contribution to EDUCARE through their proctorships and preceptorships.

They work with Boston Scientific’s own medical and technical experts in the structuring and delivery of EDUCARE programmes and follow through by monitoring and evaluating our therapies on the ground, helping us all to train the next generation of specialists.