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In managing hospital or procedure capacity, you're likely to be seeking technologies, services and solutions that help you to monitor patients remotely, reduce patients’ length of stay and enable more patients to access treatments..

With ADVANTICS, we deliver personalised solutions for COVID-19 related needs, co-created with individual customers to improve the quality of and access to care while lowering costs. They are designed to drive efficiencies, and can be delivered 100% remotely.

  • Organise lab and bed capacity - Address elective demand and reduce your waiting list 
  • Monitor your patients remotely - Keep chronic disease patients at home
  • Optimise length of stay - Sustain activity levels while reducing inpatient exposure
  • Flexible Financing options - Including pay per procedure or facilities’ upgrade
  • Facilitate access to mobile cath labs - Increase procedural  capacity

Let’s explore all the possible ways we can support you in partnership to combat the virus in our community.